Top 10 Tips for Getting the Most out of a Bridal Show

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Bridal show survival guide


The big day is here….not that big day, but the bridal show day! The day you will be overwhelmed with options, discounts and “Book NOW” deals not even you can refuse.

What should you bring and what will it be like; these are just a few questions you may ask yourself. From all of the shows we’ve been apart of over the last few years, including the Naples Bridal Show on Sunday, November 15, theses are our most tried and tested tips found from The Bride and Blog.

1. Arrive Early

Those that arrive first to the bridal show automatically receive some of the coolest prizes.  Many bridal shows offer discounts and incentives for arriving early to the show.

 2.Pre-register before the show

Save time by registering before the show.  Registration only takes a few minutes and will save you from having to fill out a registration form at the show.

 3.Bring your friends

Bringing your friends to the bridal show will help them feel involved and also give you a chance to bounce ideas back and forth.

 4.Contact info labels

Wedding vendors will often have drawings for prizes at their booths. Instead of having to fill out multiple forms with your contact info, prepare some electronic labels before the bridal show.  Information to include: your name, address, phone number, and email address.

 5.Bring a notebook and pen

Bring a notebook and pen so you can take notes.  Write down contact info of vendors you talked to or thoughts you have while attending the bridal show.

 6.Bring a digital camera

Bringing a simple digital camera will allow you to quickly remember some of the great things you saw at the show.  Did you see a great dress during a bridal fashion show?  Maybe there is a great cake from a wedding cake designer.

 7.Know your budget

Setting your wedding budget and knowing who is responsible for each thing will help you make decisions and know what you are looking for while attending the show.

 8.Bring your checkbook

Many wedding vendors will offer a special day-of-the-bridal-show-only discount.  This will help you save even more money if you are able to find your vendor at bridal show.  The Bridal Extravaganza also gives you an additional incentive for booking your vendors at the show – a 2 day, 1 night getaway when you book 3 of your vendors at the show!

 9.Do your research

Know which wedding services you need before the show.  Also try to find out which wedding vendors will be exhibiting. This will help you know what questions to ask and allow you to visit those vendors you are particularly interested in.

 10.Make a day of it

Plan on attending the bridal show for several hours.  This will allow you to visit all the vendors and find everything you need.  Above all – have fun!

Most of all, just remember to have fun and collect as much information as you may need! Having a array of vendors and choices will help you decide what will be best for you special day!


And make sure to stop by our BOOTH and say hello!  This show we are giving away a FREE PHOTOBOOTH RENTAL!

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The Night Before Your Wedding

5 “Must-Do’s” For Your Perfect Day

Wedding Photographer, Ft. Myers Florida

the night before your wedding

This week, in our email we came across Kennedy Blue’s  newsletter with a wonderful article called “Wedding Countdown: What To Do the Night Before Your Wedding”.  As a wedding photographer, it got me thinking.  What do Brides do the night before their wedding, and what helpful information is there out there that would not only help our wonderful Brides, but make the day of, just a bit more wonderful.

Here are the top 5 Must-Do’s that we liked…. alot… and would suggest for any of our Bride-to-be’s


Make a List: When planning an event as big as your wedding day, organization is necessary. Keep track of all of the items you need to bring with you to the venue and check off each item when you pack up your car in the morning. Be sure to check your list twice. A third time couldn’t hurt, either.

Check Your Tech: One of the best things about technology is how easily it allows us to capture memories. However, technology has an odd way of breaking down just when we need it the most. If you thought your printer shutting down the night before a big school paper was due was bad, imagine the sadness that would stem from your camera shutting off long before the night was over. Whether you plan on using a camera for snapping before the ceremony moments or on a tripod for a DIY photo booth station, make sure that you fully charge the device and have plenty of memory space on your camera. Pack your chargers, USB cords, and extra memory cards to make sure all the fun lasts throughout your whole wedding.

Get Romantic: Take time to reminisce on your relationship by looking through old pictures and love letters. Allow yourself to appreciate how amazing it feels to have found the love of your life. After you soak it all in, you’ll be inspired to do something extra special for your groom, such as writing him a heartfelt letter to give to him before you walk down the aisle.

Relax and Rest: You’ve been waiting your whole life for your wedding day, so you’ll certainly be feeling some butterflies on the night before your wedding. To banish worrisome “What if?” thoughts, trust in all of the planning that you have done and simply try to enjoy yourself. Watch an episode of your favorite show, do some yoga, read a book, or something else you enjoy to calm your mind. Most importantly, get plenty of beauty sleep.


Spend Time with Family and Friends: Your friends and family have been there for you in good times and bad, and they surely want to be a part of all the good that is your wedding day. Grab coffee with a few of your close friends in the morning, go out to lunch with your parents, and give other close ones some phone calls to tell them how much you appreciate them and how excited you are for them to be a part of your day. Remember that a simple a thank you goes a long way.


Interested in the other tips and tricks from Kennedy Blue,  click  here to read the full article.

Would you like more information on our wedding services, click below to be taken to our Wedding Website.

Wedding Photographu




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Edison Home Engagement Session

Ft. Myers, Florida ~ Wedding Photographer

Edison Home Engagement Session

He asked….She said…YES!! These are the words that every girl wants to hear and capture in her heart forever! An engagement session is a great way to start off the journey to wedding day. It’s a intimate love session capturing the love and sweetness of you and your future partner!

This happy couple captured their engagement at the historic Edison and Ford Winter Estates, surrounded by the Old Florida historic era. The luscious landscape of 20 acres, features the getaway homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, with gardens, museums and lots of history to shared!

The over flowing of trees and greenery, make the perfect love nest for these beautiful images of the Mr. & Mrs to be!

A little bit about the Edison Ford Winter Estates Weddings:

The Edison & Ford Winter Estates is the perfect venue for an outdoor wedding.  With historic homes, romantic gardens, and spectacular river views, the Edison Ford has something to offer every bride.

– Visit the Edison Home Website for more information.

Engagement Session Edison Home

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Life Unscripted – Just go and play in the Rain

Enjoying the little things


One of the biggest blessings in this world is to be able to love what you do and do what you love.  There is nothing better than knowing that the images you create can have the impact to change peoples lives and ignite lost memories.  While all these moments are amazing to be apart of, sometimes we forget (or get too overwhelmed) to just take some pictures for ourselves.  No posing, nothing scripted; just simply enjoying life and creating a visual memory.

When I saw my neighbors and all of the kids out playing in the rain on Labor Day, I knew this was one of those moments that I wanted to just grab my camera and snap away.  Just letting life un-fold in front of me and capturing these fleeting moments.  No posing, no suggestions.  Just laughter, smiles and overall a good time.

I mean how many times as an adult, do we get to just go play in the rain!

Creative Imaginations Photography

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Newborn Lifestyle Sessions

A Photographer’s letter to her newest client

Fort Myers Birth Photographer

in home newborn sessions


Welcome Baby Girl Penelope, we are so excited to finally meet you!

 We are so excited to finally meet you.  When mom first came to see us, you will still actively growing in her tummy!  It was just a few short months until we got the call to come to the hospital and watch you enter into the magical world.

Birth Photography


After those first long hours, you finally arrived and what a cutie you were.  We got to come back the next day and visit with you in your first few hours of life.  Daddy changing you for the first time and your mommy getting to make a very special connection.

Birth Photography

It wasn’t long till you were ready for your newborn debut.  Mommy called us to come see your beautiful nursery (oh so jealous) and spend an afternoon with you, hanging out with mommy and daddy and seeing your favorite new toys.  Here is a few of your first memories to enjoy forever!

newborn lifestyle session

in home newborn session

newborn lifestyle session

newborn lifestyle session

newborn lifestyle session

newborn lifestyle session

in home newborn sessions

in home newborn sessions

P.J., we can’t wait to see you grow over the next year and be there to document all of your milestones.  Welcome to the world baby girl.

Creative Imaginations Photography - newborns



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